Structured water device for 60,000 LPH


Connecting size 3 "(DN80)
Productivity 60 m3 per hour
The minimum water pressure is 0.1 MPa
The maximum water pressure is 1.6 MPa or 4 MPa
The maximum temperature is +195 ° C
Approximate weight 12 kg
Size 380x195

Magnetic Structured water device for Domestic Agriculture Animal Farming Industrial Price in United States United Kingdom Canada Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Oman Spain Australia Russia India Sweden South Africa Mexico Indonesia Brazil Argentina Iran Iraq Malaysia Denmark

Application area
- water treatment in apartment buildings, cottages and cottage settlements
- water treatment in swimming pools
- food industry
- Agriculture
- fish farming
- irrigation
- chemical industry
- Pharmaceuticals
- Perfumery
- Small businesses, cafes, restaurants, medicine.

The case of the magnetic structured water device is made in the form of a pipe made of non-magnetic stainless steel (analogue AISI 304) and is characterized by high indicators of corrosion resistance and ability to withstand temperature differences.

In this case, there is a magnetic element made of rare-earth neodymium alloys.

The main component of the water converter is a cylindrical magnetic element that creates an axially symmetric poly gradient magnetic field. Due to the topography of the field in the magnetic system, high efficiency of the action of the magnetic field on the water is achieved.

Operating principle
As a result of magnetic treatment, physical and chemical processes occur. This leads to the release of impurities that begin to interact with each other. Calcium ions form microcrystals, but they do not form scaling but remain in the water column, then they are carried to the drainage. The formed early scum is destroyed, as calcium ions break away from it and join the microcrystals. Thus, the old scale is washed away from the surface of the pipes or any heating devices.

To protect the equipment from corrosion, a thin oxide film forms on the surfaces of the pipes over time.

Mounting of SERUS magnetic water structured device

Magnetic water the structured devices can be used alone or as part of the water treatment systems. It is installed on both cold and hot pipelines (vertically or horizontally).

Advantages of SERUS magnetic water structured device
-high efficiency of magnetic water treatment
-complete protection of equipment from scale
-use of multipolar magnetic systems
-environmentally friendly method
-protection against scale and corrosion without chemical reagents
-no consumption
-no interchangeable parts
-no maintenance is required
-long service life (more than 30 years)
-small dimensions
-easy installation

About structured water treatment

The physical effect of the magnetic field on the structure of the water and cations of the hardness of the salts opens up wide opportunities for the use of structured magnetic water treatment.

Structured magnetic treatment of water is used for many years in various industries, agriculture and medicine.

The great prospects for the use of magnesium, magnesium, magnesium, magnesium, magnesium, magnesium, in water due to the crystallization process, and in the course of the crystallization process. To remove from the water difficultly deposited thin suspensions (turbidity) the ability of structured magnetized water to accelerate coagulation (clumping and precipitation) of suspended particles water. Magnetization of water can be used for waterworks with significant turbidity of natural waters. Similar magnetic treatment of industrial wastewater allows quickly and efficiently precipitate fine impurities.

Magnetic treatment of water helps not only to prevent the precipitation of scale-forming substances from water but also to significantly reduce the deposits of organic substances, for example, paraffins. Such treatment is useful in the oil industry in the production of high paraffin oil. The most demanded and effective is the magnetic field of carbon dioxide, carbonate, calcium carbonate (MgCO3) 2 and magnesium Mg (HCO3) is formed in the form of steam boilers, heat exchangers and other heat exchangers on internal walls of pipes, with the heating of water decomposing to CaCO3 and Mg (OH) 2 with the release of CO2, sulfate CaS04, MgS04, chloride MgS04, MgCI2 and to a lesser extent silicate SiO3 2- of calcium, magnesium and iron.

The high content of the salts of Ca2 +, Mg2 + and Fe3 + leads to the loss of the salts of the hardness makes water for the needs of the consumers, and untimely cleaning of the heat exchangers and pipes from the scale, which leads to increased hydraulic resistance. The reduction in the heat exchange equipment.

The scale has a coefficient of thermal conductivity is much lower than the metal from which the heating elements are made, so more time is spent on heating the water. Over time, energy losses can make the heat exchanger work on such water ineffective and completely impossible and can lead to an accident.

With a large thickness of the inner layer of scale, water circulation is disturbed in the boiler plants. All these factors lead to the need for repair work, replacement of pipelines and sanitary equipment.

In general, magnetic water structuring treatment reduces the corrosion of steel pipes and equipment by 30-50% (depending on the composition of the water), which makes it possible to extend the life of the heat energy equipment, water pipes and steam pipelines and substantially reduce the accident rate.

Magnetic treatment of water in comparison with traditional methods of water softening by ion exchange and reverse osmosis is technologically simple, economical and environmentally safe.

The water is preserved by the magnetic field and does not acquire any side effects that are harmful to human health.

The use of other methods and technologies of water treatment is associated with an increase in the use of chemical reagents. In this case, it is necessary to invest additional material costs, change the operating mode of heat devices, apply special chemical reagents, change the salt composition of the treated water etc.

Ion-exchange water softeners use Na + cation exchangers, which are regenerated after cationing with a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl). This creates problems for the environment. Water is softened with its deep desalination.

However, this method is less common because of the high cost of reverse osmosis.

Mechanism of the action of the magnetic field on water and the design of magnetic water treatment

Please see in more information section:

The main processes of magnetic processing

-with the magnetic treatment of water, affects the water itself, mechanical impurities and ions of the scale-forming salts the and the nature of the physicochemical processes of dissolution and crystallization.

-In water that has underground magnetic treatment it changes in hydration of ions, the solubility of salts, ph values are possible which is declared in changes in the chemical reactions.

-Structured Magnetic water treatment is a promising dynamically developing direction in modern water treatment for water softening, which causes a lot of accompanying physicochemical effects, the physical nature and the field of application of which are just beginning to be studied.

Now our company are producing modern and highly effective magnetic water treatment devices with permanent multipolar magnets. Which are used in heat power engineering and water treatment.

The unquestionable advantages of magnetic processing by SERUS devices, in contrast to the traditional water softening schemes with the help of ion exchange and reverse osmosis, are the simplicity of the technological scheme, environmental safety, and economy. In addition, the method of magnetic treatment of water does not require any chemical reagents and consequently is environmentally friendly.

Our products are used by more than 2000 enterprises in Russia and more than 100 enterprises in other countries.

Experience in developing systems of magnetic treatment of water in the production of more than 20 years.

Our Magnetic structured water devices come in all different shapes and sizes

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